Even kennismaken met... Joel!

I’ve worked as a Naval Architect since 2004, designing large offshore ships.

The clean and jerk! It’s such a satisfying, full-body lift, and my PR is 120 kg.

It was burpees for a long time, but now i would say: pistols…

I wanted an efficient way to stay fit, without needing to go to the gym 5 days a week, and I wanted to have fun in my workouts. Crossfit gives me a full body workout 2-3 times a week, and I don’t need to do more than that to stay fit. Plus the variety of the movements and the people, keep the workouts fun and motivating.

I started CrossFit in 2010, with a Groupon special, and have never looked back… In 2014 I started coaching at Crossfit Noord.

I love Murph because it’s simple, but feels like it’s impossible to complete. I’m always amazed when I’m finished, and I love the full body tiredness afterwards.

Bar muscle-ups took me years to achieve. I had to literally spend years doing chest-to-bar pullups, and banded bar muscle-ups, before I could get my first bar muscle-up.

I’m not a dietician, but I’ve been eating according to the “paleo” diet since I started Crossfit in 2010, so if people are interested in that way of eating, they could talk to me for some general advice.