Even kennismaken met... Sandra!

Sandra Ollivaud - trainer bij CrossFit Noord Groningen

I’m a PhD student at the RUG in medical science.

The Echo Bike, you always need to go all out to bring those calories up! On the same dislike scale: the devil presses

Fruitbowls, definitely!

I was looking for a new sport when I moved to Germany. The CrossFit community and the constant learning of new skills made me keep going for almost 6 years now.

As soon as the lockdown was removed after I arrived in the Netherlands! I started to coach very soon after, in September 2021.

Helen! Good combination with some cardio, some gymnastics and some weights.

Basically all the lifts, since with a gymnastic background barbells are not familiar. But after a lot of Olympic Weightlifting classes it could only improve!

No, not yet. But you can always ask me anything about exercises or workouts!