What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a methodology in which multiple sports come together. Within the sport of CrossFit we work on your fitness by training with weights (weightlifting), your own bodyweight (gymnastics) and metabolic conditioning (endurance). At CrossFit Noord we work in group classes, which are guided by a CrossFit coach that helps you through knowledge and experience.

Our workouts will always be measurable and scalable to each level, in this way everybody can join the same class. Adjusting workouts and movements to an athlete’s (yes, you’re an athlete!) capabilities is what we call ‘scaling’ in CrossFit. There’s a scalable option for every athlete.

Buddycompetiton bij CrossFit Noord te Groningen
Lifting bij CrossFit Noord te Groningen

As long as you’re willing to get fitter, CrossFit is for you. We at CrossFit Noord will help you adjusting the workouts to your capabilities in a way that will challenge you in a good way.

At CrossFit Noord we offer multiple classes throughout the day. Every day we offer a Daily WOD (Workout Of the Day) where every discipline of CrossFit is offered. This workout changes daily and is programmed by ourselves. Besides that we offer multiple classes that have their own speciality. Do you want to know more about all the classes that we offer? Check this page.

Are you excited to start your training at CrossFit Noord? Sign up for a trial class or our introduction course and we’ll see you soon in the box!