Crossfit Noord

About CrossFit Noord

CrossFit Noord has officially existed since January 11, 2011 and was born from the enthusiasm of training together with fun as a starting point.

As one of the first boxes in the Netherlands and the first box in the North of the country, we now have a space of over 1000 m2 where our members experience the best hour of the day every day.

At CrossFit Noord we have access to many materials and cardio equipment. Our enthusiastic trainers have the knowledge to help members get the most out of their training with a smile on their faces.

Because of all the materials, space and skilled trainers, everyone is welcome at CrossFit Noord. Strong, small, young and old: together we ensure that you have a great workout and you go home satisfied. And that you will feel like going again the next time!

At CrossFit Noord we think it is important to do things together That’s why we organize competition days several times a year. All members are welcome here, and everyone at their own level.

Curious about what we organize? Check out our annual agenda here!

Will we see you soon at CrossFit Noord? You are very welcome!

Trainen bij CrossFit Noord in Groningen